Guía de “Pañuelos con Arte”

Guide of "Scarves with Art"

I have worked on this illustration series for the “style guide” of Pañuelos con Arte.

I made it in collaboration with Fundación Sandra Ibarra, a non-profit organization that works on funding research projects and promotes several cancer fighting campaigns.

This collection comprises some printed head scarves and foulards designed by the Brazilian painter Christina Oiticica. These beautiful pieces are made in the ethical fashion studio of Lal La Buya (Melilla) by a group of brave women, survivors of gender violence or at risk of social exclusion.

The main purpose of Pañuelos con Arte is to transform the stigma about wearing a head scarf as a weak gesture. This campaign pretends to change it into a symbol of strength and resilience.

“We want all cancer patients to be proud of wearing these scarves on their heads and not to hide themselves. On the contrary, you are a member of a tribe of brave people and you are wearing a work of Art.” – Sandra Ibarra, founder and president of Fundación Sandra Ibarra.

This supportive collection is now available in two beautiful designs. So come on, be part of the tribe. Together we are stronger!